What makes Zveetz special?

Our product will change the way we eat candy: 100% sugar free and transparent for the consumers!

100% sugar free

we didn´t want to just reduce sugar in sweets, but create something completely new and getting rid of it totally.

what are net carbs?

net carbs are those carbs which are absorbed by the body. As polyols cannot be absorbed our Zveet Heartz contain 0g net carbs.

all natural

we ourselves are so over artificial flavors and colors, so we provide zveetz only with completely natural ingredients.

What are polyols?

polyols are sugar substitutes similar to regular sugar in looks and sweetness. Our polyols (Erythritol & Xylitol) are from a natural origin (e.g. mushrooms, sweet corn or birch trees).

dairy and gluten free

we want to make Zveetz available to eat for as many people as possible. That´s why we produce them free from those traces as so many people are struggeling with allergies.

80% less calories

our Zveet Heartz contain up to 80% less calories than regular fruit gums and up to 70% less calories than other sugar free fruit gums.

non gmo

to our all natural philosophy obviously GMO doesn´t fit at all so we make sure our products stay free of it.

0% bad side effects

children from 15 kg can eat a whole package of our zweetz, adults can even enjoy up to 4 of them without any adverse effects.

Why sugar free?

For us consumers candy products always look and sound like a paradise, but the real impact of sugar is absolutely shocking:

People globally are overweight or obese.

Adults globally are living with diabetes, quadrupled since 1980.

Yearly economical damage through diabetes costs worldwide.

The Zveetz Story

We started from a big dilemma: The negative followings of the global sugar consumption are insane, but obviously people “need” their candy. That hits 100 % for the Zveetz team – we are candy lovers, but willed to cut down on our sugar intake.

So we tried all potential alternatives, but all products had the same problems: the calorie reduction was not high enough for us and we got bad side effects. This is why we started from scratch to develop the fruit gum with the biggest calorie reduction ever.

Many people didn’t believe, that our product is possible – but we didn’t give up and we made it possible!

Join our journey to free the world from sugar!